What People Are Saying...

“Ina Bhoopalam. She represents a plethora of demographics and brings to the table the best assets of every single one of them. One of her many assets being tenacity, which she uses to build a platform for a new and better tomorrow. She has an expertise in cultivating new perspectives and ideas that I look up to. Ina speaks with ease and grace, yet her message is bold and powerful. She has beyond touched and inspired me and countless others. Her wisdom and perseverance is changing lives, and I know this because it has changed mine.”

-- Kayla Dawn

“Ina is a light among a world of confusion and prejudice. Ina decided to work for the collective good and will forever be one of the pivotal women in my life. She has helped me find my voice and my purpose in life."

-- Anonymous

“Ina’s passion for creating a better world is infectious. Ina possesses an innate ability to get everyone on board. Her messages resonate with the entire room among a broad demographic. She is wise beyond her years.

-- Deanna Walz, Events Specialist at Lincoln Journal Star

"I had the pleasure of hearing Ms. Ina Bhoopalam at the Girl Up Leadership Conference in Washington, DC in 2019. Ina was not only a captivating speaker but her message went far beyond expectations. She looks sweet but packed inside was a very powerful message."

— Kim Takeuchi, Operations Manager at Unite BVI

“Ina has a unique and impressive stage presence. Her ability to inspire others through her thoughtful storytelling left a profound impact on me. I was able to incorporate her insights into bettering my youth-focused non-profit. She offered a really empowering perspective on the issue of gender equality.”

-- Anonymous

From the moment I met her, Ina radiated an empowering energy. She's a force to be reckoned with and someone I consider a mentor and role model for my own work. She inspires me every day!"

-- Jaden Winn, Founder of Youth Igniting Change

Since I’ve met Ina, I’ve developed a more assured character; she has helped me develop new skills that I’ve found to be applicable in all areas of life. Ina demonstrates wisdom beyond her years and an unmistakable desire to confront the issues around her. Ina not only is a natural leader, she is the definition of leadership.

-- Samavi Rafique, President of Girl Up Nebraska